Why Dry Cleaning Software Is Essential for Mid Size Laundry Stores/Business

With the advancement in technology, there is a wide variety of software available in the markets which act as a landmark instruments to pace up the work while aiming at proficiency. A unique answer to all those tasks that eat up a number of hours while slowing down the pace of work, such unique software are highly result oriented. With unmatched features like tagging and coding, customer management and order management among others all rolled into one, these smart laundry Software are also laden with features like accounts payable, dry cleaning POS software, account receivable and inventory management, thus acting as all in one software to perform a wide range of tasks. Backed by a user friendly interface and an all inclusive strong support system, the laundry POS software helps dry cleaners save as many as 550 hours in a year, which they can spend with their family and friends.

Besides, business owners should also have an instrument that helps them in bulk bookings and bulk delivery of laundry garments. They should also get regular reports about every aspect of the business so that they do not miss out on anything. The Cloud laundry software is all the more a unique innovation that can further ease out the lives of dry cleaners and laundry owners. These software give freedom to the business owners in the dry cleaning industry to manage their work while sitting anywhere across the world where internet is accessible. A one of its kind solution, this internet based laundry software can also help keep a tab on various aspects of the laundry business from checking out proceedings of the day and assessing performance of the employees to keeping an eye on the bookings for the day. The software allows you to work on the shared resource basis where you pay for what you use.

At an age when people have no time to visit the dry cleaning shops often, dry cleaning software can ease things out for the customers as well as shop owners. The Cloud Dry Cleaning Software runs on Client-Server work model. With the help of this internet based dry cleaning software in place, business owners need not be present at the store all the time to manage their business and keep a tab on various tasks. It can be easily managed even while the owner is not physically present at the store. From analyzing business progress and checking employee performance to keeping an eye on the delivery report, everything can be managed easily with the help of internet based software.

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Social Media Investment and ROI – Why Businesses Give Up On Social Media

Why businesses give up on Social Media can be summed up in just one acronym: ROI.

When I spend thirty dollars per day advertising one of my products on another website, I can look at the immediate results of seeing an additional 150 people viewing my pitch page per day. With a conversion rate of 3% I know that about 5 people will in turn click through and purchase my product. So for thirty dollars per day I am making around $120 ($150-$30). That’s a ROI of $120 per day and something any business person would recognize as a great decision.

What makes social media so challenging to get up and running in a business or even a startup company is the lack of ROI. Well, at least the tangible kind of ROI we are used to seeing in business. This new media is far too slippery to be nailed down by such terminology as ROI or other aspects of a standard business.

How can you possibly measure concepts like:

* Virality?

* Likability?

* Reach?

Being able to see the future of online business and realize that it’s all about slow building, interpersonal connections through social media is quite a leap from the standard business thinking of twenty years ago. Hell, even five to ten years ago.

But you’re different huh? You can see the ROI which social media can give you, but are you willing to invest so much time and effort into something that will give you zero results at first? If you had to work as an employee for a year before you got paid, but the pay would quadruple every year worked after the first, would you do it? Most people would not because they physically cannot lose the money they could have been gaining working their current job.

The secret to making social media work for you is to start off very very small and build from there. One @tweet per day, one Facebook comment, one stumble, one digg etc. Just one. It doesn’t seem like much but if all you gain is one new reader (the person you wrote to initially that day) then in 365 days you will have earned hopefully 365 new readers at least. Perhaps half the people who you choose to follow end up following you in return. Wouldn’t 182 new prospects be valuable? What is so amazing about social media is the fact that those 182 prospects would probably attract a handful of other people who also follow them. So it may sound like only 182 people but it’s really an incalculable amount more.

Social Media takes a long time but it’s time well spend. By practicing good time management you can take a break from your primary business in order to slowly make social media a part of that business.

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Want to Secure Your Home? Get Assistance of Android Apps

Mobile technology is progressing rapidly and bestowing its blessings on the diverse industries. The home security is getting smarter, easier, smoother as well as cheaper with time using the latest enhancements in the technological field. When you have a smartphone with a good internet connection in your hand, overcoming many obstacles becomes very easy in today’s tech-savvy era.

Who doesn’t want better security for their home? With the efficient help of iOS and Android app development advancements, maintaining home security is now, even more, easier and effortless. There are plenty of app development firms that can help you by crafting and devising such creative and unique apps. Choose the right app development firm and make your own mobile application. Here is a list of some of the best apps that offer remarkable home security!

#1 Alfred Home Security Camera
A popular entry in this list is the Alfred Home Security Camera. You can reuse your old smartphones using this application. Some of the remarkable features of this applications are live video streaming, a good walkie-talkie function, remote access, zooming, free cloud storage along with many other things. Most of the intriguing features of this app are available for free of cost. However, features like HD recording is available only when you take a monthly subscription.

#2 AtHome Camera
This feature-rich application is available for multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Two separate applications together offer remarkable home security services. With the help of the camera app, your device would turn into a camera. Using the other application, you can surveil it. Some of the mentionable features of AtHome Camera are remote monitoring, facial recognition, multi-view camera facilities, time-lapse recording and many more. If you want, you can get the hardware cameras offered with the apps as well. The app is available for free but not the hardware cameras!

#3 IP Webcam
With a few basic yet crucial features, IP Webcam is a simple and easy-to-use application and a popular entry in this list of home security apps. Using this app, your phone would turn into a remote camera. Live video streaming, VLC player support, motion detection, support for video chat, Dropbox, FTP servers etc. are some of the major features of IP Webcam. You can get this application without spending a single penny.

#4 WardenCam
Whether you have a WiFi connection, 4G or 3G connection, WardenCam would work smothlessly anywhere! Support for Dropbox, Google Drive, two-way audio along with multi-camera facilities, motion alerts and detection etc. are available in the long list of features offered by this app. This application is easy-to-use and has decent UI. Interestingly, to get this app, you would not have to subscribe to monthly charges. You only need to make a one-time minimal payment.

So, there were some of the home security apps using which you can stay headache-free!

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Can OnLive’s Gaming Service Ever Find Success?

There hasn’t been a new contender in the gaming console market in a long time. It’s a tough market to break into with the likes of Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony dominating the market for years. But recently a new company has emerged with a home console that takes a vastly different approach than the big three.

This company is OnLive and they made a pretty big splash with their idea back at the 2009 Game Developer Conference. They have already released their gaming service on the PC and Mac, but does their home console strategy have what it takes to succeed? Click the link to read what I think OnLive needs to do in order for their home console to be a success.

First, a little bit of background

OnLive is actually a gaming service more than it is any kind of hardware platform. Some have referred to it as a cloud gaming service or gaming on demand. The reason why is because OnLive actually performs all of the game processing on their remote servers scattered across the country. These servers perform all the processing and then compress the video and audio and stream it to a users machine.

The user has OnLive’s software loaded onto their machine that then decodes the video and audio stream into a high definition video. All the user needs is a PC or Mac that is able to process HD video and an Internet connection that is higher than 3 MBits/sec.

Onlive’s selling point to the user is that they will never have to worry about buying new hardware or upgrading hardware again. If they want to play the latest game all they have to do is sign into the software and purchase the game from OnLive’s game store.

This service launched on the PC and Mac back in June 2010 and OnLive has also just released a home micro console that sells for $99. The console is a small box that is able to decode the audio and video stream, and also comes with a wireless controller.

OnLive’s biggest problem

OnLive has a couple of issues. Many folks have already pointed out that a lot of people do not have 3 Mbit/sec internet connections, let alone the 5 MBit/sec connection that OnLive recommends. Also their current game library is pretty sparse. As of today OnLive’s game library is only showing 40 titles, and 7 of those are different Borderlands editions and downloadable content.

But OnLive’s biggest problem is the model it uses for purchasing games. User’s can either purchase games for a little bit under PC retail price or rent the game for 3 or 5 days for $5.99 and $8.99 respectively. This pricing does not apply to every single game, but it does represent the majority and highest price points someone will pay for the games listed.

Those prices are pretty high for purchasing something you never truly own. Even when you purchase the full game, your copy of the game resides on OnLive’s servers. OnLive hasn’t exactly been forthcoming with details of what happens to a user’s purchased games should they stop using OnLive or if they go out of business. But the general consensus is that you will not be able to get a digital or physical copy of the games you have purchased.

This purchase method never sits well with consumers. People just don’t like paying close to full price for something that they never truly own. In order for OnLive to make any sort of headway they are going to have to ditch this model.

Someone has already figured out the solution

The good news for OnLive is that a company has already figured out a solution to this problem. All OnLive has to do is follow Netflix.

OnLive needs to move to a subscription based streaming model like Netflix. By setting up a tiered subscription model for OnLive, they will be able to attract more users. Users as a whole are already used to a model like this thanks to Netflix, and many folks are begging Apple to move to this kind of model with iTunes music and video content.

Here is what I think OnLive’s subscription based model should look like:

  • $4.99 – 1 game a month
  • $9.99 – 3 games a month
  • $14.99 – unlimited games a month

I think those a pretty good price points for OnLive to start reaching mass market penetration. I also think that the price point is low enough that it will quell the fear of the consumer with the whole never actually owning the game problem.

Also, ditch the hardware

Another thing that OnLive can lift from Netflix is to stick with software and forget about hardware. Instead of Netflix making their own media streaming box, they decided to partner with folks like Roku, Sony, Samsung, Boxee, Google, Apple and others.

Netflix makes a media streaming app that they can install on a variety of hardware platforms from various vendors. This enables Netflix to get more of the market then they ever could if they decided to make their own hardware and sell it.

OnLive should do the same thing. They should get their software installed on the same type of hardware platforms as Netflix. Their software already has built in support for the Xbox 360 controller for Windows and if they really wanted to they could still produce their own controller as an accessory.

By doing this users will be able to play their games on their TVs and PCs/Macs without having to buy any extra hardware besides a controller. The great thing about this for gamers is they will be able to access and play their games across multiple types of hardware.

Imagine starting to play a game at home on your TV, but then finishing the game later in the week on your laptop while you are on a business trip. That is a service I could see myself subscribing to for a very long time.

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