Why Professional Cloud Based Email Services Opt for Advanced Appliances?

It has now become impossible for corporate houses to store and keep track of incoming and outgoing emails. That’s because the volume of sent and received mails has gone up significantly in a paperless office environment. This is the reason reputed cloud based email services are keen on advance appliances for proper archiving of electronic messages. Such a device helps companies to search, recover, and produce data, when requested. There are several benefits of this apparatus. Let’s read to know more about it.

Instant Data Search

When a corporation is badly caught in a legal battle, it is required to produce mails that may be 7-8 years old. These records serve as valuable evidence in a court of law. The company cannot afford to waste time looking for old files, documents, and records. With the advent of an advanced mail archive appliance, the process of searching can be expedited and simplified. The device not only archives the mails, but also indexes it as well as the attachments. The indexing is done based on date, day, time, topic, sender, and receiver. In other words, it makes your task extremely simple and convenient. There are no possibilities of your business correspondence getting tampered, deleted, or modified.

Fast Recovery of Several Years of Data

Besides assisting organizations with archiving messages, these devices also score high in terms of speedy retrieval of business data, and that too at lightning speed. The greatest advantage is that it doesn’t curb several users from searching valuable data, information, and attachments simultaneously. There are additional functionalities like all search queries gets automatically recorded for legal use. The installation process is easy and simple as it takes only an hour of your time to install the apparatus so that you can reap the maximum benefits of using an archived email system. It’s a simple plug and play device.

Safe and Secure

With the advancement of technology, modern devices assure protection, security, and damage-proof storage facility for electronic messages. Even attachments that are sent, or received within the organization or outside it are secure and easily accessible. So, email archive compliance adherence is easy with devices having the ability to meet all kinds of legal guidelines in order to keep all business communication safe and secure for several years.

A Look at the Beneficial Features

Devices that are technologically advanced are equipped with features like:

  • Prompt search facility along with fast recovery of archived information.
  • It is tamper-proof and regulatory compliant.
  • You can easily integrate it into any previous electronic mail system.
  • The process of retrieval of information is simple and easy to use.
  • It is provided with a cutting-edge plug-in that helps in the prompt access of info that has been deleted from the inbox earlier.
  • Such appliance is perfect for businesses big and small, including giant corporations.
  • The hardware is secure, safe and flexible for easy use and implementation.
  • The combined login feature gives access to multiple users to keep track of mails.
  • Advanced options help to reduce response time.

So, an effective appliance is one that’s tailored to your organization’s needs for the fast retrieval of messages and attachments.

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