How to Repair Slow Computers

Does your computer take a long time to boot and an even longer time to go on the Internet? Are you frequently frustrated with how long it takes to do things on your computer? Try these tips to speed your computer yourself.

Some of these tools need to be downloaded from other sites. One is free and one is a trial version. The others are part of Microsoft Windows and are already loaded on your computer.

1. Fix hard drive errors with the Checkdisk utility on your computer. To find the Checkdisk tool, go to Start>My Computer>Local Disk C:. Right click on the Local Disk C:. On the menu that appears, select “Properties.” Inside “Properties” you’ll see a tab that says “Tools.” Find the error checking utility (first section on tools). Click the button and select both check boxes. Reboot your computer. While rebooting, Checkdisk will fix your hard drive errors.

2. In the same tools section as mentioned above, you’ll find a defragmentation tool. Run it to defragment your hard drive. This puts all the fragments of each file together so it’s not so hard for your computer to find them quickly.

3. Fix registry errors with JV Powertools. This is an awesome computer repair and speed up tool. You can try it for sixty days for free, but it is so good at repairing registry errors and tweaking the system for better speed you’ll want to use it again and again, so you may want to buy it. Use the registry cleaner and system optimizer tools. Download it here: JV Powertools 16.

4. Clean out all your junk files with ATF Cleaner. After installing, check “Select All” and “Empty Selected.” This will clean out temp files, cache files, old installation files, and other unnecessary files that slow down your computer.

5. Turn off unnecessary process with Msconfig. Go to your “Start button” then to “Run.” Type in Msconfig and hit “Enter.” Then go to the Startup tab.. Uncheck any processes you don’t want to start immediately with your computer. You can always start them later. For example, if you don’t want Microsoft Office to start every time you boot your computer, you don’t need it to run on startup. Let it start when you need it. Turning off some processes at boot time will improve your computer’s speed.

Now your repaired computer should be significantly faster.

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